Saturday, January 28, 2006

Buffalo rocks the Internets.

Anyone want to join me at this?

Lisa saw it in the paper version of the Artvoice and I stole the image from Paul over at e:strip. You'd think an event like this would have more of an internet presence, but I couldn't find anything in the two seconds I spent on google, so there you are. Anyway, I figure our little community of bloggers here in Buffalo is as important as any other, so maybe we should represent. I know I have a few questions regarding local web development, and hey... "free food".


Anonymous said...

i think you should borrow little julia's outfit (below) to wear when you go. it would beat that man's pocket protector.

otherwise, please wear at least a black t shirt. preferably one that says "pantera". steve can loan you one. ;)

Alex said...

Hey man, I'll go.

GabsOSteel said...

Count me in. And I'll bring Johnny so he can wear his roleplaying t-shirt. He'll be the belle of the ball.

Greg said...

I could go to this.