Wednesday, January 04, 2006

so many years of poots and pocket change

Stressed? May I suggest breaking a big couch into pieces? There really is nothing quite like it for letting off a little pent-up steam.

Hoffman and I finally broke free from our old apartment on Inwood today. We’d both moved out, but an oven and a fridge remained, as well as our old couch. The sofa (is there a difference?) was great for our bachelor bodega, but too old and busted for anything else. When we moved in a thousand years ago, it was too big to come in through the front or side doors, so John turned into the hulk and curled it up onto the porch. Seriously. Well, not the hulk part, but he really did lift it onto the porch so we could get it into the upper apartment. Unfortunately, since then, our landlady replaced the sturdy railing with a flimsy all-too-breakable balustrade*, so getting the behemoth out that way was no-so-much.

And thus my version of a rock garden. De-couching a couch. Un-sofaing a sofa. Making a rather well put together grouping of leather, padding, springs, wood and nails into a rather unkempt pile of leather, padding, springs, wood and nails. Oh, it’s good for what ails ya.

and curbed.
*thank you, shift F7.

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