Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What does Mike need?

Mom sent me this today and since it seems like the perfect afternoon for a meme (I got nothin’). Just google "[your name] needs" and copy a few that catch your eye into a post. Here’s what the internet thinks I need:

Mike needs to update the bulletin board on the second floor.
Mike needs to forward the proposal report to the rest of the group.
You just provided what Mike needs, which is fish, not fact.
Mike needs your help in identifying a movie.
Mike needs merchandise.
Mike needs a nice general wash in the middle 2/3 of the stage.
Mike needs to be around some people—who don’t work for him—discussing music.
Mike needs Dave's Help.
Mike needs to be famous… and fast.
Mike needs to learn about language even more than he needs to learn about evolution.
Mike needs to learn how to listen with his ears not his mouth.
Mike needs to get them fired up.
Mike needs to step up and run smash mouth football.
Mike needs John to reply to his cheeky PM.
Mike needs that heart or he’ll die.
Mike needs a winner.
Mike needs to get a girl from the hospital.
Mike needs to butt out and let Carrie and Austin be together.
Mike needs to be convinced that he is losing me forever, and that requires realflowers, real music, real dress," insists Katie. "Real money," adds Henry.
Mike needs to relenquish his permit to carry a handgun.
Mike needs the sweet side and so does my inner child.
Mike needs a hug.
Mike needs to purchase a rototiller.
Mike needs to give you yours first.
Mike needs to have an extravagant garage sale that is what he needs to do.


(Update: Holy shit. Turns out I'm the last blogger in the world to post this one.


Scott said...

Mike needs to start slacking off in class a little more and surf the net.

P.S. Don't you already have a girl from the hospital? Google knows. . .

R said...

If I spell my name right it doesn't work...
If I spell my name like the most popular version - Rachel, this is what I need....
- Netflix friends
- Some good thoughts

...and maybe this paddleball game, and this lamp, and...that's all I need....

Garvey said...

R - was that a reference from The Jerk?

R said...

Yes...thought I'd throw that in there...

Peter said...

I've been reading all about everything that everyone needs, and the reference to The Jerk never occurred to me. Hilarious.

And THIS, I need THIS...

Mr. Beers said...

I think the internet is trying to KILL me!
Beers needs Africa to shine, soon
Beers needs to die.
Beers needs, worth $160,000.
beers, needs additional investment ...
Beers needs to find the most efficient ways to prospect mine and recover diamonds.
Beers needs to realize that audiences abroad don't value learning things they
already know about America.
Beers needs "to see if we can find the right mix of policies
Beers needs to do directly in the US
Beers needs to hold onto its name
Beers needs all the positive PR it can muster,
Beers needs help in our business office cleaning out some old files
beers needs to stop by for a tall cold one at the Brussels Gueuze Museum.
Beers needs to start thinning out the attitudes.
Beers needs to hold back on capes
Beers needs to coordinate and communicate
beers. Needs a building twice the size to make drinking more comfortable