Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kudos: the Parking and Lawyering Edition

Anna anna bo banna
banana fanna fo fanna
me mi mo…

Manna from heaven is what Anna Carr is. Kudos to her for making my mornings that much nicer because I get to sleep in with my wife for a few more minutes. Kudos to the good doctor for letting me avoid the rat race that is the undergrad parking lot. Kudos to my old smoking buddy for helping me abuse the system that has for so long abused me. Kudos to Dr. Anna, “Banannie” Carr for giving me her faculty parking tag.

Lisa lisa bo bisa
Banana fanna fo fisa
Me mi mo

Me so happy me married to Lisa Battaglia Garvey. Kudos to Ladybird, who always has my best interest in mind. Kudos to my own personal Lois Lane for saving us 30 bucks which will now inevitably go to sushi and flowers instead of to the Shitty of Buffalo. Kudos to Lisa “Wifey” Garvey, who moved my car to the other side of the street this morning so I could sleep in.

Dave dave bo bave
Banana fanna fo

Favorite person of the day is Dave Hoffman. Kudos to Homer for helping me with a school assignment. Kudos to Oberon for randomly running into me in the hall and for being so damn smart. Kudos to Dave “Hassel” Hoffman for turning what would have been three or four consecutive all-nighters into just one.

Aly aly bo baly
Banana fanna fo

Phallic-shaped sadists designed the New York State Bar, and Aly Culliton is taking it today. Kudos to her for passing it. (Please save this one for a few months until she actually gets her passing grade. And she will.) Kudos to the Aly “Grandaughter-of-a-Sunofabitch” for being lawyerly and knowing more pirate jokes than anyone else on earth.

Now if only Art and Chuck would doing something worth mentioning.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that Annie is GREAT!!
Wish you knew and Art and a Chuck..