Saturday, February 04, 2006

The task at hand v. Everything else.

My second semester fully kicks off on Monday and though I haven’t stepped foot into four of my classes yet (one of them started a few weeks ago), I’m already eyeball deep in reading. Nothing I can’t handle, mind you, it’s just that since I haven’t really started the semester, any little distraction becomes infinitely more entertaining than the law. Here’s a quick list of things that my mind would rather have focused on today than my reading:
  • John is over fixing my surround sound, and he’s testing it by using the playstation. That’s right. I’m doing homework in here, and he’s playing video games out there. Temptation City.
  • My cell phone showed a spark of life. It’s literally ten days short of retirement, and it shows its old age. (I get my upgrade on Valentine’s Day. Aw.) The “send” and “end” keys simply don’t work. The rubber thumb pad on the back pealed off. It shuts off randomly. The “6” and the “7” buttons only work if you reeeeally mash them. Today, though, it's worked fine, and I’m perplexed as to why.
  • Lisa’s day off. Twenty feet might as well be twenty miles.
  • Leah brought over brownies, which are detrimental to both my grade point average and my sculpted figure.
  • A CD of sound effects Lisa gave me. My favorites are “European siren” and “In a hurry music”. Oh, and “Laughing trumpet”.
  • Justice, a bimonthly by Alex Ross. Issue #4 (of 12) comes out next week, just in time to satisfy my nerdiness fix.
  • Wired Online, speaking of nerdiness. Legos and Batman in this issue.
  • Freecell. To date, I’ve won 255 games straight.
  • And of course, there’s always blogging.

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GabsOSteel said...

did you link to batman just for me? i really need to buy more graphic novels before even more new ones come it.