Monday, February 13, 2006

Week 18 - Potato sized baby

Lisa and I made it in for another sonogram today and everyone is happy and healthy. The young'n came out for a photo op and showed us the little in utero dance it's been practicing. It kind of looks like the twist.

Our physician (nurse? lab tech? babytician?) was sweet and thourough. She asked us about names while she took 54 different pictures of our child's feet, heart, noggin and the like.

It's the good news I need.


Anonymous said...

What a good day to come back to the toybox! it looks like a real live baby. how amazing.

R said...

Was there a hot dog or a hamburger in there? (yes those are the correct medical terms....)

Garvey said...

Well, the picture I chose to post here certainly suggests "boy", if not "boy who is going to be very popular".

In all scientific honesty, though, we have no clue. We're leaving gender a mystery until after it's born. Scott has said boy, and if anyone can spot Y chromosomes, it's Scott.

Sweet Pea said...

Glad to hear everyone is happy & healthy...I have say since I heard the news my feeling is that it's a boy too...only time will tell :)

sarah said...

I love your baby-shaped baby.

belgianwaffle said...


Mahooch said...

I once met this baby who sold me some smokes.
True story!
It was all, "Hey man, you want some smokes?" and I was all, "Holy cow! A talking baby!" and it was all, "yeah, yeah, friggin' great I know. Let's AAAALL look at the talking baby, right? Big friggin deal, RIGHT?!"
And I was all, "Yeah, uh .. how come you're talking?"
And he's all, "Like, peer pressure, man. Everybody else is doing it."
So I bought some smokes. He sold me four cartons for $3.25!
I said, "Hey, baby - you sure that's right? Seems awful cheap."
And he's all, "Look, man. I'm a friggin' baby. I don't know MATH yet!"
So that made sense to me. And I was on my way.