Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dream Jobs

All Time Top Five Dream Jobs:

  1. Either a mayor or a congressman.  These, I think, would be the most fun, but still the most influential

  2. Author.  I want Dave Barry’s job.  Write a column and the occasional book.

  3. President/CEO.  Of something worthwhile and fulfilling.  Imagine being able to say you run/own the company that employs X number of people, each of whom support a family?  (When I was 14, #3 would have been “Photographer for Playboy”.  And there you have the most likely reason I’ll never be #1.)  

  4. Teacher.  Sounds cliché, yeah?  But true.  (By the way, in my perfect world, a good teacher would have the highest paying job in the country.  More than lawyers, doctors, and baseball players, combined.  Police officers would be second highest paid.  Also, in my perfect world, I can fly and Butterfingers are good for you.)

  5. Radio DJ where I had no pre-determined playlist.  Seriously.  I get the shivers thinking about how awesome this would be.  I get hours each day, playing any tunes I wanted, talking about any thing I wanted, without the interference of the bigwigs who think Greenday is the be all and end all of daytime radio (aka: Buffalo radio station managers).

Now, of course, the reason these are considered dream jobs is because, in my prerequisite fantasy criteria, they would all pay me millions of dollars a year.  Or else, maybe we should title this list Jobs I’d Want If Money Wasn’t An Issue.  Here’s a meme: What are yours?

By the way, Sarah of Thursday Java has job #5 on a station in Delaware and though I’ve never had the chance to listen to her show online (I’m either in the car or in class while she’s on the air) I do read her blog where she has the good taste to post her playlists.  I know and love a lot of the bands she plays (Gomez, Tom Vek, Of Montreal, etc.) but that only makes up about 5% of her programming.  The rest (Winterpills, Ambulance Ltd., Feist, Giant Drag, Man Man, Arab Strap, Slow Runner, to name a few she’s introduced) are either interesting in their own rights, or open up doors to other bands I really get into.  

(KT, keep your ears open for her.)
(Sarah, you deserve a Butterfingers.)


Anonymous said...

I have had my dream job for years, and it just continues to get better and better. I LOVE my job! love, Mom, Grandma Jula, Nay-Nay, etc.

Esther said...

Me too!
I love my job!
I love my job!
I love my job!