Saturday, March 25, 2006

Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here...

Okay, yesterday was harsh and I kind of feel bad that I said a classmate could fall in a well and die. Oh, wait, I only said to fall in a well. At the time, though, I implied the “and die”. This presentation counts for a pretty good chunk of our final grade (it’s just the presentation, and the final paper) and the rest of us had worked our asses off for it. Member number five was still putting his slides into the PowerPoint, literally, when class was starting. None of us had any idea what he was going to say. Now THAT’S graduate level professionalism.

But when the rubber hit the road, he really did quite well. I talked with him afterward; he’s actually a pretty nice guy. And in fact, after we were done, the professor said we raised the bar higher for everyone else. I’ll take that.

Then I went home and slept for four hours. I’ll take that too.

Sabres lost a tough game, but I watched an episode of Scrubs that Lisa had DVRed and the whole juice harp bit really made me laugh. I’ll take half of that.

Tonight, I’ve got a date with Lisa. I’ll definitely take that.


Scott said...

Don't accept that. If one of your classmates puts you on the edge of the cliff, then you push HIM over. No one has the right to jeopardize your future.

Garvey said...

Oh, he's still my least favorite person of the week, and if it comes down to me or him, I'll happily send him packing. I'm just saying that the presentation went well, and I'm not going to let him ruin any more of my weekend.