Monday, March 06, 2006

Live outlet

When I first started the RT, I wanted an arena where I could get stuff off of my chest. Cheaper than therapy, you know? The fear there is that most of the crud I carry around with me would bore the hell out of the average reader. How many times do you want to hear about how tired I am or how much I hate Adelphia or what’s going through my head as a new dad or dealing with a death in the family or my health or whathaveyou.

I think you’d rather read about movie quotes or Star Trek, and I know I enjoy writing that stuff a lot more. And it certainly seems like the Toybox has gradually gone in that direction over the last year. When I look back to my MBA days, every other post was about how busy and stressed I was, but lately, I prefer to go with events or themes. I almost feel like the RT is less a journal today, and more a Dave Barry column. (Boy, I wish, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway, I’m putting everyone, including myself, on notice. If I head back towards the more cathartic journal-esque type of blog, I’m sorry if I bore the hell out of you. I need the sounding board though.

So here we go:
I purposefully chose the type of life I’m living right now, and truth be told, there is no way I could be happier. I have ZERO regrets. And though I never once believed that it would be easy, I can’t believe how hard it is. Back in reality, I know I’m lucky: I have high blood pressure, not cancer. I’m a law student, not fighting in Iraq. I’m too broke for a PS3, not too broke to use my LexisNexis points on a Nintendo DS.

Back in the moment, that does little to assuage my blue funk. I out-and-out hate some of my teachers. I love the stuff I’m learning, and I KNOW I’m lucky to be here, but the inefficiency of the whole thing just gets my goat. I want to be reading about interesting stuff like constitutional arguments, but instead, I spend my ENTIRE FUCKING SUNDAY learning about where to put the FUCKING SEMI-COLON if I’m citing to a law review article.

There. Got that out. I actually do feel better.

And by the way, “Assuage my Blue Funk” would be an excellent name for a band.


Greg said...

I can picture Hefty asking Smurfette to assuage his blue funk.

marie h. said...

Ahh.. the joys of UB law school....

My friend Sabrina had the same gripe about her classes. She was an English major (the woman can read Old English and pronounce it correctly, for the love of pete!) and got stuck with the same sort of classes...

It gets better: it has to, right?

And hey, it's your blog.. write whatever you want....