Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To-do list for Wednesday

Today, it seems, my number has been got. Wherein Esther’s day has been nothing but Beach-Boys-level happy, and Cadbury-Egg-Sweet, my hump day has been the law school equivalent of the perfect storm. Believe it or not (I’M WALKIN’ ON AIR!) I’m managing to stay above it all so far, and I’m actually in a pretty good mood.

Why, you ask? Just look at the outgoing pile, I answer. Yeah, I’m crazy busy today, but I’m getting things done. I’m crossing things off my list, and the bottom of the inbox is getting more and more visible. Mega reading for crim? Done. Difficult material for torts? Finished hours ago. Presentation for constitutional? Just about… Oral argument? Well, it doesn’t happen until tonight, but I will say that I finally feel like I’m almost, somewhat, kind of ready for it.

I love mowing the lawn for the same reason. It’s measurable. You know how much you’ve done and how much you have yet to do. Now, if only I could tool around on a New Holland from class to class… well!

No class tomorrow, and then only one on Friday where we’re watching a movie. Then it’s a full week of Garv Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition. And by “Wild”, I mean “To Sleep”.

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Esther said...

Its the little things that keep me going. I'll let you borrow my lip gloss.