Tuesday, March 28, 2006


  • No, I haven’t started running yet, and yes for stupid reasons. The morning after I posted my intention to be the next runnin’ fool, I had only gotten three hours of sleep. The next morning, I’d only gotten four. The next morning, not surprisingly, I’d gotten myself sick. Blah blah blah, excuses excuses excuses. Scott, pass me one of these, please.
  • Actually, I have stuck pretty well to my salad-a-day rule, and I’ve been excellent about drinking the waters. Coffee? Well, better than you might expect, but not perfect. I have decided I’m a tea fan, though I just can’t stomach earl grey (no matter how much I want to be Picard).
  • Been listening to a lot of Mates of State.
  • My midterm went well yesterday. It was in torts. And by “went well”, I mean “didn’t fail as badly as everyone else”, and in the long run, this is really just something to get me ready for the final. Now, at least, I know where I stand.
  • My thoughts and prayers go out to Lisa’s grandfather. Sir, I hope that whatever genetic code got you to 91 has been instilled in our unborn.
  • Did I post about my potential graduate assistantship? (Hey! Conversation-amnesia in blog form!) If not, I applied for a G/A position with the UB Admissions Office and I think the interview was one of my better performances. I made them all laugh, which is like having a letter of reference from Rockefeller himself.
  • Big Love? Not sure yet. I already have my favorite of his wives. Entourage reruns have recently caught my eye, though. Like I need another show to follow.
  • I once had a boss whose constant advice was to “phone first”. Going to meet a client? Phone first. Making a delivery? Phone first. Going to lunch? Phone first. It got to the point where it wasn’t really his order to call ahead to every single place I was going, but rather just a reminder to make sure I’m prepared with the right time/directions/tie color/etc. Why am I thinking about this? Because at the moment, I’m sitting in the library, cursing myself for not checking my date book closer and seeing that today’s meeting is actually on Thursday.


Leah said...

Who is your favorite wife? I love to hate Chloe Sevigny!

GabsOSteel said...

i love jeanne tripplehorn. maybe it's the curly hair - we like our own. :)

also, i know a law student currently doing the g/a thing in the admissions office. if you want me to get the skinny for you, let me know.

Jen14221 said...

My favourite is Margene. And I want to kill Nicki. HATE HER.

Garvey said...

Maybe it's the old romantic in me, but I say first come, first serve. Tripplehorn wins it. And, no, no one likes Sevigny best.

Gabs - your law student friend is the one who hooked me up with the interview to begin with. If I get the gig, he'll win Garvey's best friend ever.

Perambulator said...

Try having your Earl Grey with milk - it tends to mellow out the bergomot.