Saturday, March 04, 2006

What would go into your time capsule?

Lisa and I recently discovered a slow leak above our apartment. Landlord Scott had to expose a good chunk of our ceiling this afternoon in order to get to it, so right now our bathroom is a half foot taller and a good deal dustier. After we’re sure the leak is fixed, we’ll get the ceiling back up. And by that, I mean Scott will put the ceiling back up since the excellent work I do in the bathroom has nothing to do with the ceiling. Until then we’ll just have to deal with “a leak in the bathroom” jokes.

Anyway, before we get the room put back together, we were talking about putting a time capsule up there so future generations can marvel at all our cool stuff and wonder at the fact that we kept it above the bathroom. Here are a few things I think I’d put in it for the sake of posterity:

The website address for the Toybox – wouldn’t it be cool to get a comment from someone in the future saying they’d found it?
A newspaper – The children of the world need to know how much the Buffalo News of ’06 sucks ass.
A picture of me shaving my beard – it seemed to garner a lot of attention on Thursday, anyway.
A disk of mp3s – stuff Lisa and I listen to today (so half indie nerd tunes and half Broadway).
A twinkie – the finder may be hungry, and what else is going to last that long?
A comic book – not for the sake of history or anything. Just because it’s the bathroom and it would be nice to have some extra reading on hand in an emergency.

What would go into yours?

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