Friday, April 07, 2006

10 opinions for Friday:

  1. Fridays are too tiring to write an entire post.  Well, technically, the week is too tiring, and Friday is just last nail in the coffin before the weekend.  Instead of a whole thought out “thing” (beginning, middle, end and all that) you’re getting the top ten snippets on my mind at the moment.  This was the first.

  2. “Busted Tee” tee shirts are hilarious.  Makes me want to buy a tee shirt maker.

  3. Movie theaters should not offer headphones.  I thought at first this might be a good idea, but do YOU really want to wear the same headphones that everyone else has?  Hello, ear infuction.  

  4. You know that weird synthesized sound that makes singers sound like robots?  Kid Rock has used it.  Cher used it.  You hear it all over Kiss 98.5 if you’re unlucky enough to listen to Buffalo radio.  The guy who invented that needs to slide down a razorblade banister into a pool of lemon juice.

  5. I love my grill.  Lisa and I used it for the first time this season the other night.  We made Mineo and Sappeo sausages.

  6. Running?  Not so bad.  I’ve only been a few times so far; I’m not the kind of guy who gets runner’s high yet.  I’m still the kind of guy who gets a stander’s high.  Or better yet, the sleeper’s high.  I have, however, lost 7 lbs since writing this.  Not too shabs.

  7. My holy God in Heaven, the commercials for that MDX energy drink are so funny, I hurt myself laughing.  Why?  No clue.  Funny looking animals singing Lionel Ritchie is just good comedy.  You can see them here.

  8. Sudoku is addicting.  Technically, that’s a fact, but whatever.  

  9. I, friends, have not matured as a student.  A few posts ago, I wrote that I completed my appellate brief at 5pm the night before it was due, and assumed that meant I was all growns up.  Nope.  I was up until 5am this morning, finishing my term paper for another class.  Of course, that wasn’t helped by a glass of whiskey that showed up at my front door last night around 9m, but really, how do you turn that down?

  10. Wes Voit is A-OK in my book and has no idea how drunk he’s going to be 36 hours from now.  I’m actually stealing the 10 opinions for Friday from him in honor of his dignity which may well suffer its demise tomorrow during his bachelor party.

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Scott said...

Who are you kidding? Drinking irish whiskey is very mature.