Friday, April 21, 2006

Be a go-getter. Or a stay-receiver.

You know how they say that you can’t just wait for life to happen to you?  How you have to go out and make things happen?  That’s not true.  Drop out of school, kids.

Yesterday, I got the call from UB about a graduate assistantship for which I’d interviewed.  They said I was awesome and they’d pay me a billion dollars to sit around and play with my Nintendo DS all day long.  Well, not really, but they did call yesterday and offer me the job, so bangarang.  Nintendo DS optional.  

I interviewed for this job a month ago after a friend of a friend (of a few friends, actually) told me he was retiring from the assistantship at the end of this semester.  And of course this conversation was the result of weeks of networking and months of research and hundreds of man-hours of “going out there and making things happen.”  Not really.  I ran into this guy at a dinner held by Lisa’s employer and he, in an effort to find something on which we had common ground, threw me a slow-pitch.  Evidently, I connected.  Way to go, right-place-right-time!

(As a segue, I just typed “Meanwhile, later that day...”.  Live in that conundrum.)  

Meanwhile, at the exact same time, but hours later, I got a call from another friend, a lovely and talented friend, whose lovely and talented husband wanted me to know a summer gig had opened up at his law firm.  And, bless his heart, he set up an interview for me.  

I’ll tell you, this laissez faire method of job searching is pretty nice.  If things continue as they do, once I get my Nintendo DS, I’ll be POTUS in no time.

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