Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog link, update thyself.

You’ll notice I took down the “- Updated!” function from the friends and influences section on the sidebar.  It was an add-on I signed up for through Blog Rolling, and though I had high hopes, it just wasn’t working out.  

Imagine how lousy I felt when I read this and, alas, no “- Updated!” magically appeared next to my wife’s blog?  Well, f that s.

By the way, I compared my wife to Droopy Dog this morning.  No, not in looks or speech impediments, or because she has musical fleas, but in her omnipresence.  At 11:51am, I dropped said wife off at the mechanics to pick up her father’s car.  I immediately jumped on a camel, which took me to a taxi cab, which drove me to the airport, which flew me to a rocket, which broke the sound barrier getting to her parents’ house.  And she still beat me there, having never passed me.  

Luckily, during that time, I didn’t have to cap any pens.  

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