Monday, April 03, 2006

done with the 26 page "brief".

I’ve officially handed in my appellate brief. I dropped it on my professor’s secretary’s desk this morning at 7:50am. Kind of an odd feeling really, since this is the first time I’ve handed in a project of this magnitude (50% of my final grade), being this well-rested.

Had I done this project when I was getting my MBA: I’d have started at 11am the day before. Sometime after breakfast, anyway. But let’s be honest, I’d have spent more time picking out a playlist than actually writing and I would have finished it around 6am. I probably would have blogged it. Maybe two pots of coffee.

Had I done this project when I was in college: I’d have started the night before, at about 11pm. After getting back from dinner, going to church with the C2 girls, watching the x-files, and having yet another smoke, I’d have sat down and mashed the keyboard, infinite-monkey style. Whatever printed out as I was putting on the cleanest pants I could find the next morning is what I’d hand in. Then I’d skip the rest of that day’s classes so that this wouldn’t happen again. Since I’d most likely have been up all night the night previous as well, maybe four pots of coffee.

But, no, despite the fact that I’m too immature to remember to spring ahead, it seems like I’ve at least somewhat learned my lesson about all-nighters. I started this project weeks ago, and hit ctrl-P last night around 5pm. I’d turned down three different offers to go out for drinks (including one with whiskey and singing at an Irish bar), I played zero video games (unless you include the occasional online sudoku (darn you, KT)), and though I’ve had more tea than Andy J. (get it?), I managed to finish this paper with absolutely no coffee.

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Alex said...

You forgot the part where I come down and play some lasers-temple at 3am, surprised to find you haven't started yet. Oh, and those liquid-speed starbucks things.