Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh man.

Happy Sunday, all.

I don’t so much believe in omens. Though romantic, intriguing, and tempting in their seeming knowledge of what’s-about-to-happen, I just think the ethereal blueprint in charge of it all (God, Fate, Nature, Flying Spaghetti Monster... take your pick) would choose a more direct route than an overturned penny to leave me a message.

I’m not saying God isn’t akin a woman flirting with me in a bar, but I’d hate to think that I chose the wrong path because I didn’t pick up the “signals”. A black cat could be a black cat, or it could be just as significant as a hair toss and a chuckle at my lame joke. I was never good at noticing either.

Sometimes, though, I just can’t ignore coincidence. Coincidence so odd and out of place that it couldn’t possibly happen at random. This morning I was sitting in my car, parked outside UB. I was this close to skipping a review class for constitutional law (I mean, it is Sunday, and I did have a warm bed with a pregnant wife in it back home) when I saw in my rearview mirror that a crow had landed in the middle of the parking lot exit. I hadn’t moved yet, but I knew I’d have to disturb this stoic sentry in order to play hooky. And if he wasn’t moving for the rain, would my Lumina really scare him out of the way?

So there I am, wondering if I really want to test my theories about omens, trying to remember if it’s the crow or the raven I’m supposed to stay clear of, and what comes on the radio but Blackbird from The White Album.

Spooky enough, but it gets stranger. There’s a constant clicking in that song (a metronome?), and when I looked forward, I saw the teacher who’s class I was about to skip walking past in exact beat with that clicking. Not just a few steps, either. He walked from one end of the lot to the other, around a tree, up an incline, past a bunch of undergrads, and never once took a step disloyal to his choreography.

Sooooooooo, what then? Do I turn around, skip class and deal with the real blackbird, or go listen to a lecture taught by someone who was, as foreshadowing would suggest, in perfect step with him?

I split the difference. I went to class, then left early. Everyone’s happy.

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