Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Then again, would that THEY were the greatest of my annoyances...

Law school life absolutely sucks sometimes. I’m really just getting tired of it all and I hate that I’ve crossed this threshold before I’ve finished even my first year.

This is for a lot of reasons, most of which I don’t want to discuss. Here’s one little thing I’m happy to bitch about:

THEY can’t shut the fuck up in any of the classes we share. THESE TWO need to calm down, take a breath and realize the course isn’t a personal conversation THEY’RE having with the professor. THEY also need to stop with the laughing already: the joke wasn’t that funny and after all it was just a tongue-in-cheek observation about a rape case or a murder case or a child abduction case, warranting a chuckle and a nod at most. Not an apple-polishing guffaw that makes the rest of the class uncomfortable. ONE OF THEM needs to stop wearing tight clothing, by the way. I’m not saying I’m the type who should, quite the contrary, but at least I admit that and dress somewhat accordingly.

Here’s the conversation I want to have with THEM:

ME: Look, guys, why are you like this? It’s just wrong.
THEY1: Hey, we can be however we want to be.
ME: No you can’t. Accept it.
THEY2: You’re right. We’ve been so wrong all this time.
ME: Now apologize to the class.
THEY1&2: Sorry, everyone. We’ll just go now.
ME: No, no. You can stay, just don’t be THEM.
THEY1: Really?
ME: Sure. But put on this raincoat first.


Esther said...

They're STILL in law school!?!

R said...

I work with THEM. Truth is, if THEY put half of the effort into their jobs that they do into making THEMselves shine to everyone, THEY probably would get alot more work done!

Anonymous said...

of COURSE they're still in law school. they're BFF with the professors, remember?!

Leah said...

THEY were getting their MBAs too, refered to it as "B-School" and bragged about how much they would make after their brief hiatus from a booming career.

I ran into a one of THEM in an airport, with no make-up on just after my bra broke. THEIR diety was laughing.

Scott said...

That's why an engineering degree is soooo much more enjoyable. THEY are all in liberal arts schools.