Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good thing it doesn't say "kick me."

A few days ago, I decided to play mushy-husband, and I left a bunch of notes taped to Lisa’s stuff before I left for school.  Nothing Pulitzer-winning, mind you.  The note on her tooth brush said “I love Lisa’s smile.”  You know, dorky stuff that earns me huge points.

Anyway, I would never share this with any of you, but Lisa, through her hurried frenzy to make it to work on time, has necessitated my confession.  Until a few minutes ago, two notes remained unfound.  One was taped to her sunglasses, saying something like “Lisa caught my eye.”  Or “Lisa has great eyes.”  Or “Dammit, woman, can’t you see I’m hungry?  Make me a sandwich.”  I forget.  (I’ll tell you about the other one when she finds it.  Someday.)

Anyway, as she was leaving, I decided to push her in the right direction.  “Sure is bright outside, don’t forget your sunglasses.”  I waited for her exclamation from the other room, but instead she ran in, WEARING THEM, gave me a kiss goodbye, and ran out.  You could see the note poking up from behind her right ear.  

I bit my tongue to stifle a laugh.  

UPDATE: Of course, now I’m wondering how a) effective her rear-view mirror is and b) evil her co-workers are, because it’s already well into her shift and I haven’t gotten a call from her.

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