Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I make for you the mix.

I mowed for the first time in forfuckingever yesterday. I was so excited to be out and about on a Deere that I forgot my sunglasses. I forgot sunscreen. I forgot water. And I forgot tunes. Not that any of it mattered, mind you. I was in nirvana as soon as I pulled The Lawn Beast from its hidey hole in dad’s garage. She purred like a rhino.

Anyway, screw the sunburn, melted corneas, and dehydration. I really missed music. I’d hummed In the Summertime to myself so many times by my second half hour out there, I think Mungo Jerry was trying to contact me from beyond the grave, just to tell me to shut the hell up. (Update: Reports of Mungo Jerry's death have been greatly exagerated. And by "Reports of" I mean "Blogging without first checking wikipedia regarding". And by "greatly exagerated", I mean, "used". Turns out he's not even a guy, he's a band. I wonder if Mr. Jethro Tull knows about this.)

I’ve stumbled across a lot of good music lately (though I notice my tastes are really leaning towards “quirky” these days), and I started to think about a summertime playlist. Here’re a few to get going:

  1. Mungo Jerry, In the Summertime – Just can’t get the damn thing out of my head now.

  2. Gabin, Bang Bang to the Rock’N’Roll – one of many songs that’ll be on this list that are completely unintelligible. I mean, c’mon. None of these lyrics make sense anyway.

  3. Mates of State, Punchlines Sarah turned me on to these guys and I just can’t get enough now. Punchlines has the best ending, thus living up to its name.

  4. Super Furry Animals, Zoom – weird. Good weird.

  5. Chris Joss, You’ve Been Spiked – Also weird. This is an AOL Music DJ Session, believe it or not, but it’s all based on Thievery Corporation stuff.

  6. Ursula 1000, Funky Bikini – listen to this song twice and you’ll want to listen to it ten more times.

  7. Groove Armada, At the River – a lot of these songs came from a cd I made to sleep to, so there is going to be a lot of downtempo stuff. I only have a very limited knowledge of the genre, but besides Lemon Jelly, I think Groove Armada does it best.

  8. Violent Femmes, I Like American Music – outgrabes turned me on to Gnarls Barkley (ooh, they need to be on this list too). They cover a Femmes song. It got me thinking about American Music, which is one of my favorites.

  9. Gnarls Barkley, Crazy – or Gone Daddy Gone, which is the Femmes cover I was talking about a half inch above. ‘grabes already blogged these guys, but I don’t think I’m surprising anyone with anything new today.

  10. KT Tunstall, Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – shut up. We’re allowed some embarrassing crap every so often. At least I’m not admitting to my Teddy Geiger fascination.

  11. LCD Soundsystems, Daft Punk is Playing at My House – I heard this song, drunk, at a bachelor party and forced my brain to remember it. I forgot it, but was reminded a few days later when I found the video, which is equally odd.

  12. Sparks, (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country? – I told you there was going to be quirky here.

  13. Eagle*Seagull, Your Beauty is a Knife I Turn On My Throat – I got this one from Thursday Java a few weeks ago. Most of these are directly stolen from her playlists or other shows like hers. Here’s another:

  14. Erland Oye, Every Party Has A Winner And A Loser – not all of his stuff is so laid back, but this was a welcome addition to my napping mix. I also heard it on http://www.helpmechill.com/.

  15. Willie Nelson, Stardust – picked this one up from an episode of Taxicab Confessions. I’m not an active Nelson fan or anything, but I liked this tune.

  16. Kaiser Chiefs, Everyday I Love You Less and Less – forgot where I found this, but good jorb.

  17. And last for now, Raconteurs, Steady As She Goes – Yeah, it’s the single soon to be overplayed on the radio, but it’s my favorite on the disk anyway. Don’t listen to this if you’re looking for the White Stripes sound, but instead take it at face value, and enjoy it before The Man runs it into the ground through constant repetition.

Here’s a rhaplink for easy access. Does iTunes have blog-able playlists? They should.


Anonymous said...

thank god. i was really concerned you've been over there working all this time. and the violent femmes are at the square this summer! we'll go! screw bar review and case note competition crap-things.

i like american music... best! baaaaabeee.

Esther said...

note to self: scrap playlist for my next Mikey Mix which starts with KT Tunsall. (In my defense I did start that playlist about 6 months ago before the song was in a car commercial...)

Jess said...

bless you for this. I've also been listening to terry reid. he's a dead ringer for robert plant and "river" is hot and gritty. great stuff for summer.

ThursdayJava said...

I love it that you know and like Ursula 1000! That guy is amazing and you might really dig all of his albums. The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 remains a fave.
P.S. I'm a genius and posted this comment on the wrong post the first time.

wes said...

Nice playlist Mr.Garvey! I will make an effort to get you some more downtempo stuff. You are right on though, 'Lemon Jelly' and 'Groove Armada' are two of the best. Check out 'Nightmares On Wax' and 'Air' to start.

Garvey said...

Aly – You’re a blogger now. You don’t have to post as “anonymous” anymore. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. The Square has quite a line-up, from what I’m told. Rarely do they have a band that’s worth elbowing through the masses to hear, but the Femmes (and Mike Doughty!) might be worth it.
Phoeby – I’ll take that mix CD regardless.
Jess, Sarah, and Wes – I have a playlist going right now with Terry Reid, Ursula 1000’s earlier stuff, and Nightmares on Wax. Not really natural bedfellows, but excellent for getting me through this casenotes competition nonsense. Thanks!
Sarah, specifically – I saw you commented a day early! But, hey, people could scratch responses on post-its and throw them at me, so long as I’m getting comments.

Jen14221 said...

Is that the same Sparks who had a few hits in the early '80's? If so, I love "Eaten by the Monster of Love"....classic!

aly said...

and... let's see if this works...

Johnny said...

Thievery Corporation is hot shit. They are no Infected Mushroom, but really good regardless.