Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yes, I missed you too.

Man, where to start?  Well, first, thanks to everyone who did blog over the last two weeks.  You were instrumental in my procrastinating.  Thanks to the new, thanks to the old.

Second, exams went well enough.  Usually, at this point, I’d say “at least they’re over”, but unfortunately that’s not how it works with law school.  In college, I could waltz in to any exam, hungover and unprepared, and bullshit my way through to a C or even a B.  now, the bullshit was piled high and deep on my law school tests, but I was actually expected to know the material as well.  Imagine, the nerve of these professors, expecting me to know the law!

Second, subsection one: I got a B+ in criminal law.  It’s the only grade I’ve gotten so far.  I have no idea what the class average was, but I’m pretty sure this was above the curve.  I’m also pretty sure he mixed up my test with Martin Prince’s.  Sorry, Martin.  

Next, Lisa’s grandfather died last week.  I was awarded Asshole Of The Afternoon when Lisa called to tell me, but I dominated the first part of the conversation with how much my life as an exam-taker sucks.  Lisa and her family seem to be doing okay, though.  He’d lived a full, long life, and I overheard more than once at the wake that this was a “good way to go”.  The man owned a sword, a cape, and a fez (which, in my world, comes from a fez dispenser), and was surrounded by generations of loving family.  If I can make these claims when I check out at 91, I’ll consider it a good way to go, too.

And last-ish, a general word of thanks to everyone who waited patiently and offered help throughout exam season.  I’m back, though, and ready to go out with you for a drink.  You have two months as of today.  Aaaaand, go!


Anonymous said...

drink! drink! drink!!!!

welcome back, and congrats on the B+. that's awesome. :)

R said...

Welcome back! Congrats on the B+.