Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging sweet nothings

No post since Monday?!? What am I, on summer vacation?

Yes. Yes I am.

Sorry for the no posty goodness. I know many of you suits are still stuck behind a desk, the internet community serving as your sole human contact during the day. But I’ve been living it up, doing most of the things I listed in my last post. The vast majority of my vay-kay has been (9.), (10.), (29.), and lots of (5.), thank God. Unfortunately, no (3.).

In the style of Four Rows Back, here are a few things I’d thought about posting, but didn’t, just because:

I had to get three shots this week. Tetanus, Hep A, and a P.P.D. test (which, luckily, has nothing to do with my p-p.)

I started making a mental checklist of stuff that I want to take along when Lisa goes into the hospital. D-day minus six weeks and two days, by the way… I was not-so-surprised to find out most of the things I’m taking need to be plugged in: camera, iPod, ipaq, laptop, desktop, dishwasher, refrigerator, one of those old 1950’s computers that fill an entire room, cell phone… I suppose I should ask Lisa if she wants to pack anything.

One year ago, I was on a mountain lake in Alaska, catching more rainbow trout than my companions.

I beat my first Nintendo DS game: Final Fantasy IV. Also, my “brain age” is 42.

Lisa and I finished painting the baby’s room. I’m sure once she gets around to posting, she’ll put up some pictures. (A conversation from yesterday: ME- “What should I post about today?” LISA- “I ask myself that exact same question, every three weeks.”)

Okay, that’s it for now. Sorry the first post I put up in days is fairly disjointed, and not at all useful to anyone, but I had to get something up before I go and (63.).

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