Sunday, June 04, 2006

In no particular order, 100 things I like to do:

(1.) read comic books (2.) play video games (3.) watch hockey (4.) go on fishing trips (5.) play with Lisa on her days off (6.) listen to music (7.) bitch about Buffalo radio (8.) talk about baby stuff (9.) eat (10.) drink (11.) relax (12.) visit my parents (13.) dream about flying (14.) play Sudoku (15.) read (16.) add to my amazon wishlist (17.) look at old pictures of myself and wonder what I was thinking then (18.) write (19.) travel (20.) surf the ‘net (21.) blog (22.) watch movies (23.) watch star trek (24.) watch cartoons (25.) drive (26.) strike up conversations with cashiers when Lisa’s listening (27.) act (28.) read the target circular (29.) mow the lawn (30.) impress my siblings (31.) play with legos (32.) make stupid bets with Hoffman (33.) impress Lisa’s family with my vast bank of useless knowledge (34.) dream about owning my own bar/restaurant (35.) see Lisa get excited when I buy clothes (36.) go to baseball games (37.) sushi (38.) get my back scratched (39.) reminisce about times I got drunk (40.) share theatre war stories (41.) tailgate at Bill’s games (42.) grill (43.) eat cheese (44.) listen to NPR (45.) read AIM away messages (46.) read everyone else’s blogs (47.) kill time on myspace (48.) save pennies in a big ass wine bottle (49.) make guacamole (50.) eat cereal right before I go to bed (51.) get email (52.) see Buffalo theatre (53.) dream about getting my own boat (54.) run virus/adware filters (55.) dance for Julia (56.) eat apples (57.) remember Papa (58.) make people laugh (59.) zone out (60.) eat outside (61.) roadtrip (62.) read books that surprise me, in a good way (63.) nap (64.) decorate Christmas trees (65.) read webcomics (66.) read Shakespeare (67.) get just drunk enough that I think I’m a good singer and I know everyone else thinks I’m a good singer too (68.) throw a frisbee around (69.) play Trivial Pursuit, guys against the girls (70.) wear an expensive suit (71.) mix cereals together to create taste sensations (72.) receive and deserve applause (73.) download illegal mp3s (74.) make mix cds (75.) have too much to eat on holidays with the whole family then pass out in a food coma (76.) have a Day of Sloth (77.) watch HBO serials (78.) wake up well before my alarm clock goes off (79.) find money I’d forgotten about (80.) wear Hawaiian shirts (81.) wave to other drivers (82.) tip big, when it’s warranted (83.) see people I know in commercials (84.) hit all green lights (85.) ski (86.) bowl (87.) go to Mighty Taco (88.) come up with the perfect Halloween costume (89.) earn lexis nexis reward points (90.) earn westlaw reward points (91.) turn in lexis and west points for stuff (92.) have a cold beer after I help someone move (93.) watch DVDs of television shows (94.) fall asleep on the couch with Lisa (95.) find out it’s a snow day (96.) play poker (97.) buy milkshakes for Lisa, but really for me (98.) read other people’s secrets (99.) eat bacon (100.) come up with 100 things I like to do


Jen(nifer) said...
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Jen(nifer) said...

I LOVE this list. Thank you for making me smile on this overtired Monday :)


#44 Even Fresh Air? I don't like that program.

#54 There is just something sooo satisfying with that zap and delete of all the crap on a computer!

#74 I wonder what you think I would like?

#95 Oooh me too me too!

#99 Mmmm. Bacon.

#92 (I think I might know someone who will offere VERY cold beer in a few weeks :)

Garvey said...

(101.) getting comments

Bryan said...

Did I miss it, or is rule over the bathroom on here too?

Garvey said...

That's kind of what's implied in (67.)