Sunday, June 11, 2006


And welcome to our friends Michael and Joe’l, who joined the ranks of the Happily Married yesterday. Right now, I’m guessing our heroes are still zonked out, sleeping off a hangover brought about by too much wedding cake, too much champagne, and just the right amount of karaoke.

An event like this always gets me excited – the grandness of it all. Yeah, yeah, there’s the whole “’till death do us part” stuff, but I’m talking about the party. These are people who know how to throw a shin-dig, and I knew as soon as I heard they were engaged that the event would be the stuff of conversation for decades to come. I even got proof of some of it:

I bet you won't try to hang spoons on your noses.

I bet you won’t stick it up your nose.

I bet you won't try to inhale a flower petal while taking a picture of me trying to inhale a sugar packet.

I bet you won’t drunk dial Bryan.

I bet you won’t fall asleep while sunning yourself between the mass and the reception.

I bet you won’t fall asleep after you make a bed out of chairs in the reception hall.

I bet you won’t dress up in centerpiece flowers.

I bet you won’t dress up as one of the chairs in the reception hall.

I bet you... oh, nevermind, we did it all. Congrats to the happy newlyweds!


Jen(nifer) said...

FANTASTIC PHOTOS! :) Bed of chairs would be my favorite. You guys look like too much fun!

Congrats to your friends.

Bryan said...

Whoa! Weird! So, like, my VOICE made it into a photo?! SWEET!