Monday, July 17, 2006

Because Steve hates me when I don’t post

Sorry if I’m posting too much about Maeve. That said, let me share a little about Maeve.

A few people have asked about her name. Origin, pronunciation, stuff like that. Here’s what I got: the name “Maeve” was on a short list we had for girls. We both liked the idea of an Irish name, and like a lot of parents, we didn’t want to pick anything that had been overused. Lisa saw “Maeve” on a book of short stories I had laying around and immediately took to it. Yeah that’s right. We got the name from the author of Circle of Friends.

Maeve’s great uncle congratulated me on picking a Shakespearean name, and I sheepishly grinned and agreed, having no idea what he was talking about. Enter Wikipidia. Turns out “Maeve” or “Medb” was a Celtic Goddess who was supposed to be the ritual bride of all the kings of Connacht. Queen Maeve, evidently, got around.

Shakespeare turned her into "Queen Mab" in R&J. Hence the great uncle's statement, I'm guessing. If anyone has a better idear, let me know.

Anyway, the article goes on to say that “Maeve” means “she who intoxicates”. I’ll let you read the rest of the queen’s sordid history, but I should tell you, according to her wiki-mythology, she was killed by cheese. That’s right – a guy put a piece of cheese into his sling and killed “she who intoxicates” with it. Insert your own Garvey/bartender/cholesterol joke here.

A few others have asked me how you say it. It does not, my friends, sound like "mauve", "move", or "may-ehv". It rhymes with "deprave", "crave", "knave", or...


Anonymous said...

You title hit the nail on the head. I am placated for now.

Esther said... blave.