Saturday, July 15, 2006

Contest results

Ain’t no one even came close on most of these, including me. Here’re the answers:

1. Date of birth? (5 pts) – July 8th, 2006
2. Time of birth? (5 pts) – 3:42am
3. Birth weight? (of the baby, not me.) (5 pts) – 5lbs, 12oz
4. Gender? (10 pts) – Female
5. First swear word Lisa utters during labor? (1 pt) – Oh, she dropped the “f-bomb” alright.
6. First drink Lisa asks for after labor? (1 pt) – Technically, ice water, so I gave a point to anyone who said ice chips or water, etc. I also gave a point to anyone who said champagne, since that was her first alcoholic drink (thanks Hoffman!).
7. Best description for Uncle Louis? (1 pt) – The answer was d) none of the above, so I just dropped this one. Though he was in a position to buy a round at that point, his body was probably too aware of the imminent dehydration to sacrifice any tears.

So who won? Well, if we look to the scoreboard, you’ll see “Karla and Simon” and “Papa B” tied for the closest. K&S guessed the earliest, and PB guessed the lowest birth weight. They so smrt.

Of course it could never be so simple as to have a nice, neat tie, right? See, I also posted this over on Myspace, because I’m cool like that. My Myspace friend, Andy, not only guessed baby Maeve would be a gal, but she came even closer than Papa B on the birth weight – 5lbs, 10oz – two ounces off. On top of that, he called “water” as lovely Lisa’s first drink, which means he got a 16, putting him one point in the lead.

Meh. Screw it all. I’m taking a page from the Stoddard Xmas Puzzle. It’s my contest, so all four of you win. Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Simarlandy B”. Or maybe “Papa Karmondy”. Or “Andimonarlapabee”...

Man, this parenting thing is just full of easy decisions.

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