Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot dog days of summer

Excellent predictions so far. Keep’em coming.

I’ve been trying to get in as much “summer” as possible over the last few days. What better time to celebrate the outdoorsiness of life than the long Independence Day weekend?

We had a nice little Saturday today. No Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond, but we did get to both True Value and Target. We’re so domestic. And now we can honestly say, at least, that the baby’s room is complete. Well, it’ll be complete once it gets the baby, but you know what I mean.

I think the hospital bag is now done for the second time, too. Lisa had it all nice and packed up a few days ago, but then I broke into it and ate all the snacks. Oh my God, I just realized life has come full circle. Me stealing snacks has opened my eyes to the fact that I now get to steal my child’s candy! Man, I can’t wait until Halloween, so I can balance out all the snickers my mom stole from me back in the day. Just desserts indeed.

The rest of the week has could be mapped out in hot dogs. Hot dogs during young Julia’s 1st birthday party, and leftover hot dogs the next night when the guys played poker. I dined on franks at Dunn Tire Field on Monday while the Bisons opened for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. I celebrated patriotism yesterday with my family by eating wild boar, home grown swiss chard and yes, hot dogs. Today, I had a salad. Well... a taco salad. New poll: will the baby come before I have a heart attack?

By the way, we had a new addition to the family today. A gift from KT, I think it looks a lot like me.

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R said...

Halloween 2005 Quinn was 8 months. We dressed him as Tigger. Do you think he cared? No, but we got tons of candy!