Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The origin of stupid

A long time ago, amidst scrolls and wigs and novelty needlepoints that say things like, “Sue the Bastards”...

Founding Father Of Law #1: So, this law stuff is a breeze, huh?
FFOL#2: Yeah, you just have to know which book to look in.
FFOL#3: And of course once the internet is invented, well, let’s just say getting a tee time is going to be a lot harder.
FFOL#1: Hey, that’s right. This is almost too easy. EVERYONE is going to want to join in once they figure out we pretty much make this stuff up as we go along.
FFOL#2: Gentlemen, we need to protect our phony-baloney jobs!
FFOL#3: I got it! Let’s spread a bunch of lawyer jokes, to dull the shine a bit!
FFOL#1: Something tells me that’ll happen without our help. We WILL do things even rats won’t, after all.
FFOL#2: How about we institute an insanely difficult entry process to keep out the riff-raff! Only those who can pass a bar of solid iron through their digestive system may join our noble profession.
FFOL#1&3: That’s inhuman! We like it!

And after some tinkering, that’s pretty much how it all started. Dear Aly C., Dave A., et al., I think we all know your digestive systems are up to the task, but good luck anyway.

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