Saturday, August 05, 2006


Okay I’m back and I’ll post for reals in a minute, but first I just wanted to get this picture up here, because it really tells a story quite nicely.

These are Lisa’s cousins, her sis, her grandmother, and The Garveys, standing lakeside in Muskoka, Ontario. As shown here, Lisa comes from gorgeous genes, truly the stuff of expensive clothing catalogues or episodes of The OC. Only somewhat evident in a picture like this is just how saturated with class and style these people are. You just know they all sat at the cool kids table in school.

And Lisa is no exception. I married above my caste in terms of Good Lookin’. Unfortunately, when she took my name, she also assumed my inability to take a good picture.

If this pic ever found its way into a book of some sort, here’s what I expect the caption might say:

Front Row, (L to R): Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous
Back Row, (L to R): Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, “Gurh-durrrr!”, “Vvvvvvvv!”

PS - Speaking of pics, I added a bunch of Maeve shots to my flickr account.
PPS - If you haven't seen this OK Go video, touted by both sarah and sarah, then stop complaining that you've never seen men dancing on treadmills and watch the damn thing.

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mary said...

HAHAHAHA i like the captions!

maybe you two are on the end so they can photo-shop you out...