Sunday, August 20, 2006

Those camera phones are good for something.

And that's so Lisa can show me what I'm missing when I'm not around:

This is the pic I was talking about here:


emily said...

you're killing me with this, you know that, right? my ovaries are pinging all over the place.

Michele said...

THANK you Emily. I was thinking the same damn thing. My once silent reproductive organs are shouting obsenities at me. I can hear them saying, "Get to work you bitch!" That one picture has "I just farted, and I love it" all over it. Sweet little Maeve. She makes my heart and my Uterus hurt, all at the same time.

Johnny said...

I notice, though it has only been hinted at with the most delicate of touches, that you have a baby now. Though I have no ovaries to be aching, I wanted you to know that though I have a box full of them on my dresser, a veritable plethora, Maeve remains as cute as, but with that smile far cuter than any button.

Garvey said...

Sorry, sorry. For what it's worth, she hurts me too. Remember, I got these when I was at work, hours away from mushing her face. God, the love I have for that nugget.

J, you have a box of buttons?

Johnny said...

And your issue with that is what?!? Stout men occasionally have critical button failure about the waist-ular region, as I believe those in the medical profession refer to it, and I like to have backups and replacements readily available! :)