Thursday, August 24, 2006

Two quick things worth blogging

I’ve started a new job.  Well, no, not really a job.  It’s not an internship, not a volunteer gig, not mowing lawns for Dad, Inc., but only insomuch as a graduate assistantship can be a job, is it a job.  Starting this week, I’ll be a proud and able employee of the UB Office of Admissions.  Sorry, I can’t get you any free schwag.  I already asked.

Also school related, Mary has officially been moved into her new dorm room, very close to where I used to live with Greg, Johnny, and Jesse #1.  Differences between my old apartment and Mary’s new one: Mary’s has a garbage can.  Cleaning Mary’s will not mean simply stuffing more under the chairs.  Mary’s stove will not be used exclusively to boil hot dogs and light smokerettes.  Mary’s doesn’t have indigents sleeping on the couch.  Mary’s phone speed dials are not keyed to four different fast food places and the Little Theatre Club Room.  Mary’s does not smell.  Mary will not need to have her significant other or mom come over to chip petrified cheese off of her dishes.  Mary will never need to shave her bathroom floor.  Similarities: They have a Nintendo.  

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mary said...

we played duck hunt for hours tonight.