Monday, August 14, 2006

Where's the on switch?

Today is neither good nor bad, but just a little off.  

Oh wait: first, Maeve is awesome.  She farts a lot.  Maeve: my little GasBaby.

And though my off day does indeed have to do with her, don’t think for a second it’s because she’s any less awesome than she ever has been.  On the contrary.  My off mood is because of her overabundance of awesomeness.  She’s so awesome, it could be said, that to not be with her is to not have a day that is not off.  That made sense in my head.  I’m not going to correct it – you can figure out the multiple negatives if you want, or you can just take my word that I’m sad when I’m not holding her, congratulating her on her professional-grade pooting.

Lisa just texted me a pic of her smiling.  Heart… melting…

Last night was a milestone for us in the sleep department.  We noticed that young Maeve did considerably better in her crib with some background noise.  She liked the Brahms played by her mobile, and she loved the simulated ocean sounds played by an attachment on her playpen.  (Duh, of course it’s simulated.  Unless they can actually fit an ocean in a playpen, and I think the only thing capable of holding that much liquid in the nursery is Maeve’s bladder.)

Anyway, the problem was that both those toys turned off after ten minutes or so, and Maeve would wake up, and her cries would wake me from my dream where I’m eating bread and butter with the cast of Big Love in the Roswell Park emergency room.  Our solution was to throw money at the problem.

One quick trip to Target later and the baby has her own very own CD player.  It’s pink.  We also got a new-agey, “Ocean Sounds” CD that combines Maeve’s love of crashing waves with her love of sleepy-time music.  Unfortunately, because of the baby monitor, we can also hear this Enya-meets-Poseidon fusion album all night long.  So, while the situation certainly combines our love of Maeve sleeping with our love of us sleeping, my dreams have a lot less to do with biking and a lot more to do with Kenny G, drowning.

Here are some lyrics we thought up before passing out last night:

“IIIIII’M an ocean!  IIIIII’M an ocean!  IIIIII’M an oceAAAAAN!”
“I have fish swimming through MEEEEE!”
“I’m composed of two Hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom…”
“Did you read that book, Moby Dick?  I play a big part in that!”
“I miss Pangaea.  I was so big theeeeen …”

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R said...

The running water and ceiling fan in the kitchen got us through many restless nights!!!

Was Micheal Bolton drowning with him?