Thursday, August 24, 2006

Would you rather read a cover letter?

So I’m applying for jobs for next summer.  Yes, already.  The law school uses a website that allows me to “bid” on interviews from a bunch of firms all at once.  They choose whether or not to interview me, based on my profile, which shows my name, address and whatnot, my job preferences, my resume... and a link to my personal website.

Here’s the question: should I or should I not include the Royal Toybox in my profile?

Con: it’s unprofessional.
Pro: it’s accurate.
Con: they might hate baby pictures.
Pro: they might hate Buffalo radio.
Con: could they be afraid of bloggers?
Pro: could they appreciate web nerdiness?

Pro: I’m not an idiot.  I see articles about these dumbasses who put “I smoke spliffs” on their MySpace accounts and then are surprised when they aren’t hired to work in a nursing home.  The fact of the matter is that I’m quite proud of the RT, and stand behind everything I’ve ever written.  And let’s face it: I look a thousand times better in an interview than I do on my transcript.  I’m sure as hell not going to put on a fake face when I see these guys face-to-face (or better yet, when I work for them) – why should I conceal a very honest cross section of my...

Con: it’s unprofessional.  



Scott said...

Pro: You are awesome.
Pro: They asked you for the link.
Pro: You write more goodly than anyone I know.
Pro: You have no aspirations to turn yourself into a profesisonal blogger
Pro: They asked you for it.
Pro: Better they find out what you're like now. This way, when you work for them, you won't be tempted to post about work.

Con: It is a little unprofessional. No one I ever worked with knew about my blog. No one I work with ever will. It's mine.

Jen(nifer) said...

I wouldn't. Law firm jobs right? Skip it, the website link for personal page is more for a personal professional page, in my opinion. Of course they can google you yada yada yada...but in the traditional law firmy sense of the world, I would skip over the blog.

Even though there is nothing to hide!

Good luck!

Michael said...

You have nothing to hide, your blog is great, and Maeve is your pride and joy.

Maybe you should just bring photos of Maeve and start the interview with "Hi. I am Mike. Wanna see my little bubbelah?"

You'll get every job you apply for. :)