Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Clear as day

Got an email this morning:

Your niece spent all morning saying your name.  Sometimes it was "Mikey" and sometimes it was "Mimey".  Mom almost cried. She also said "MINE" and I almost cried.

I read it and almost cried.  

In a similar, though made up, story, Maeve looked at me this morning and said, quite clearly, “Daddums, why ever would you leave me?  I work so hard all day long to be the perfect baby, just for you.  And you run off to play with you law books.  Because you obviously don’t have to time to show me affection, I do hereby intend to grow up preferring marvel comics and liking only the bad cartoons.”


Cecilia said...

Esther told me about that...I know she'll never say Cecilia so I'm going to teach her to say "not Mary."

mary said...

hey. she already knows how to say my name. jerk.

she just chooses not to yet.