Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cross them fingers.

I generally do well at things that are called “try-outs”. Sports not included.

In high school, I got a part in every play and musical for which I “tried out”. In college, the more elite actors preferred the term “auditions”, but I new the power of wording. So long as the bulletin board said “try outs”, I had a pretty good chance of getting onstage. After graduation, in Chicago, I had a 100% success rate at “try outs”. Well, okay, that was only one play and two movies. (We’re not counting the Goodman because they only wanted union actors and we’re not counting that one Irish play because it was dumb and it ruined my perfect score.)

The point is, if it’s a “try out”, I’m your man.

Yesterday was the most recent, hopefully. I and 700 other law students “tried out” for the University at Buffalo Mock Trial Team. I think I did okay. I think the “try out” gods were with me, though it was very apparent that my ability to do a direct examination of a witness isn’t quite as sharp as my ability to fake a monologue.

At one point, I was so rusty in my direct that I almost objected against myself. Here’s how I described it to Est and Aly afterwards:

Me: And you saw her on Virginia St?
Witness: Yes.
Me: OBJECTION! Leading!
Judge: ...aaah-
Me: (throwing my voice) sustained!
Everyone: ...?...
Me: I'll rephrase the question, Your Honor.
Judge: Get out of my courtroom.

Anyway, I find out in the next few days whether or not I got one of the few seats on the team. Any good juju you can send my way until then is appreciated. Especially if you’re one of the “try out” gods.

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