Thursday, September 07, 2006


Mike Garvey has recently learned a bunch of once loyal RT voyeurs have stopped reading, but now are back.

What’s been going on with Mike Garvey? Allow me to up your date.

-> I had a baby. It was almost nine weeks ago. She’s awesome. For pictures, go anywhere in my life, pick up a dead cat and swing it in a full circle around your head. The first thing you hit will most likely have a picture of her in/on it. Please return dead cat after you’re done.
-> I started a new job. I’m a graduate assistant, doing graduate assistanty stuff for the university. In return, they give me undergrads who call me sir and pay my tuition. The university pays my tuition, the undergrads just call me sir. And occasionally seal envelopes for me.
-> I started my second year of law school. A few more months, and I’ll be halfway through. I’ll be half a lawyer! I’ll be a “law-”! This is easily going to be the busiest semester of my life, considering my part time job, my heavy course load, and my (emotionally) heavy baby load at home. I quipped recently that I feel like I’m back in high school when I overloaded on extracurriculars. Writing for the paper, playing in the pep band, arguing for debate team, model UN, FFA, national honor society, track team. Then I remembered I never did any of those things, just spent way too much time in the drama club, but the sentiment is the same.
-> I bought a monkey. Not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?
-> I tried out for Mock Trial Team last night. That’s like adding color guard to the high school list above.
-> Oh, one more high school note. Today, I got a locker! There isn’t one for everyone, so it’s kind of a big thing for law students to score storage space. I felt very teenagery, squeezing between two other second years, fighting with an ancient lock (combination: 21 left; 45 right; recite a Bible verse left), and wondering whether I should pin up a picture of Superman or a Moxy Fruvous cd liner first.

And if you’re swinging a dead cat, I’m sure there’ll be one of my daughter in there too.


R said...

Pin up They Might be Giants? Or maybe the homemade locker caddy??? (um Mrs. McKay 7th grade)

Scott said...

Dude, you like totally have to decorate for Halloween.

Esther said...

I'll make you a collage of clippings from my seventeen magazine.

and R, totally forgot you were an Iroqueer kid. Having flashbacks to Home Ec.