Saturday, September 23, 2006

lots goin' on

Not really. Well, not really a lot goin' on that I'd blog about. School's going. Work's going. Baby is awesome, but you already knew that. Here's a pic:

I wonder what I was telling her. Garvey family secrets? That Aunt Esther had baked beans on her shirt? That the Bills were winning? That I would, eventually, shave?

Maybe I was singing. Or just shushing. That seems to be her favorite topic of conversation these days.

She's sick today, by the way. Just a little under the weather with a stuffy nose. I told her to take vitamin C pills, but do daughters ever listen to their fathers? Only when you're making fun of Aunt Esther, evidently.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't tell little Maeve silly things like the "Bills are going to win." Oops! LOL!!

Garvey said...

Ow! My pride!

Eh, whatever. Maeve is going to be more of a hockey fan anyway. Go Buffalo Toupees!

Esther said...

Maeve is going to love me because I'm going to buy her the LOUDEST toys.