Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

The Dalai Lama is coming to the university today, so the campus has organized a slew of Tibetan/Buddhist events for this whole week. Yesterday, sis and I took a long lunch and saw three monks painting with sand. Well, no wait. We drove around for 45 minutes, then saw three monks painting with sand. I think Buffalo is trying a ying/yang sort of thing. Get pissed off trying to park, then find enlightenment.

Turns out at least some of the parking had been set aside for our esteemed visitors. Seriously, they had it officially blocked off and everything. I wonder what the Dalai Lama drives. A lamaserati? A lamaborghini? A pope mobile?

Griping aside, it really was amazing. The trip was impromptu, so neither of us brought our cameras, but I did snap a few shots with my damnass phone.


I can’t tell you how scared I get in these situations. I just know I’m seconds away from turning into Frank Drebin. All it takes is one sneeze. One slip on a banana peel. One bad choice of object-on-which-to-lean (big fan, fire hose, jet engine). One piece of candy corn, choked upon, and then Heimliched.


It was beautiful, honestly. I’d always assumed from pictures that these murals were done in layers: red shading on a white outline on top of a green circle, etc, but actually it’s all on one plane. And, yeah, there are lines penciled into the table, but not all of the detail work. So no, it’s not like sand-by-number.



Outside the exhibit room, people are once again allowed to breath. I bought a string of prayer beads for Maeve and phoeby and I glanced through the books that were for sale. (“The Dalai Lama on Peace”, “The Dalai Lama’s Teachings”, “The Dalai Lama’s 30 Minute Meals”, and such.) Sis played in the children’s area. She seemed respectful and all, but I knew she would rather have used the artist’s tools – long brass tubes – for decorating cookies. Baked goods are the way to Nirvana, they say. (No they don’t, but you know it’s true.)


I swear I didn't stage this last photo, by the way. Blogger didn't want to upload it, but evidently, flickr is much more enlightened.



Esther said...

mmmm, sacred mandala painting cookies...sacrilicious!

Cecilia said...

Damn monks steal all my parking spots...

Greg said...

He's thrify. He drives a Lamazda.

Garvey said...

I almost used "mazdalai". Lamazda would have been funnier.

The others:
Lamana ("lumina" - you can see why I didn't use this one.)
His Holinissan
and other wordplay featuring enlightenment, nirvana, karma (carma?), etc.

sunsnoozer said...

"my karma ran over my dogma." ...had to be there...

Scott said...

So I says to him, "Hey . . .Lama . . .how's about somethin', you know, for the effort?"

Please tell me you walked around thinking Gunga La Gunga.

Anonymous said...

Man! Your phone takes good pictures! Trade? (And that was a good one Frank!) Ma