Thursday, September 14, 2006

So... what does that make us?

I was finishing up some reading, playing around on the world wide web, and I noticed a section in my estates book that I can actually use. Hey BA Start, here’s a word for you: consanguinity. It comes from the roots, “con”, meaning “In all seriousness...”, and “sanguinity”, meaning “...I had no idea until I pulled it up on wikipedia.”

Maeve is the first of her generation in Lisa’s family, and the second after phoeby’s young’n in mine. My sister and I are close to our cousins, so the question of what to call all these people has come up a few times in the last couple of months. Eventually, even the most distant of kin becomes “Uncle _______”, or “Aunt ______” out of convenience. It’s much easier just to use a default title than to have the “Is it second cousin? First cousin once removed?” conversation every time the fam gets together.

Turns out some smarty wrote it all down and made it into a thing: consanguinity. Here’s a very scientific and mechanical way to show it in a diagram. Oh, wait, no, someone got Jesus mixed into my heredity conversation. Damned monks.

Here’s a better one:

So there you have it. My cousins and The Nugget are first cousins once removed. Now won’t life be easier? See Maeve, now when First Cousin Once Removed Elise comes over to say hello again you can give her a big hug and say “I love you First Cousin Once Removed Elise!” And won’t it be fun when First Cousin Once Removed Ben has a son and you and young Second Cousin Ben Jr (whom I will refer to as “First Cousin Once Removed Ben Jr”, of course!) can play outside?

Now if I can just figure out why there’s no such thing as grand-uncles, -aunts.


Scott said...

Sounds like a rum drink.

Michael said...

I have one for ya:

My grandparents were first cousins.

Says a lot about me, huh?

Esther said...

First cousin once removed Ben Jr. is going to be such a bruiser.

Alex said...

"Collateral Kindred" would make a great action movie title.