Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Understandably excited

The next mock trial team chapter has concluded.  Not as exciting as I hoped, but here’re the facts:

  • University at Buffalo National Mock Trial Team is split 7 ways.  Each squad goes to a different city for a different competition.  Evidently, LA and Boston are two of the biggies.

  • I was put on one of these.

  • I was excited.

  • Wife looked up the competition online and discovered it fell on a weekend I’m busy.  Wife killed my buzz.

  • I called coordinator, told him I’d have to decline, he told me he’d put me on another team.

  • Evidently, I was worth the effort.

  • I was excited.

  • He wrote me yesterday (after getting my email address wrong, then re-sending email), saying I’d been moved to Atlanta team.

So where does that leave me?  Well, I’m once again excited, honestly.  My heart stopped when I found out I might have to decline.  And anyone in my family will tell you I turn into one big damn Eeyore when I get down in the dumps.  Nocturnal animals singing Lionel Ritchie couldn’t cheer me up.  Cats jumping into walls couldn’t do it either.

And truth be told, I’m really upset that I had to give up my spot on the other squad, but when I look at the big picture, I see I’m still on trial team, I still get to put that on my resume, and I still get a chance to kick some legal ass.  Now I just get to do it amidst peaches.

Oh and...

  • Kudos to Katherine Dempsey who was kind enough to lend me her trial technique book.  My trial team success from that point on is due in a great part to her generosity and general awesomeness.

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aly said...

Kate Dempsey RULZ!

oh, and as does mike garvey.