Monday, September 25, 2006

Worth the effort

Nick, my one-time next door neighbor,

the guy who spent 12 years in the same school room as me, the room mate who left a big poop in my toilet and said it was from Santa, the knucklehead who introduced me to Legos when I was 5, The Beatles when I was 6, fireworks when I was 7, and the joy of spying on grown ups when I was 8,

the ally who taught me how to play flashlight tag, stickball, king of the castle, and knock the donkey down, the guy who never fails to tell me how gay I am,

my best friend,

the godfather of my baby girl,

has been called into active duty and leaves for a year of service with the United States Navy next month.

That’s the bad news. The not-so-bad news is that he’s a medic, so he’ll be pretty far from the front lines. In fact, I’m told his assignment is in a hospital in Germany. Regardless, that’s a year spent away from here.

To give him a proper send off, his knuckleheaded friends are getting together to make sure he remembers what it is he and countless other heroes are fighting for: chicken wings and bar hopping. You’re all invited.

Wanna come? Email me and I’ll send you the information.

(At the very least, you get to see me and Lisa out at a bar, which doesn’t happen all that often. We're pretty sure the party will be worth the effort.)


aly said...

zGood luck, Santa! I'll miss hearing about your antics... after all, only a special kind of person tries to inscribe q-tips.

Esther said...

I do hope his uniform will include pants, unlike Donald's.

Scott said...

Mikey, don't worry. I'll take care of the calling you gay part while Nick's away.