Thursday, October 12, 2006

comedy everywhere

Dialogue I Overheard Recently That Made Me Go “Hmmmm...”:

P1: Excuse me, do you know who Mitch Hedberg is?
P2: The comedian?
P1: Yeah, but I mean personally.
P2: Do I know Mitch Hedberg, the comedian, personally?
P1: Yeah.
P2: No.
P1: Oh. You look just like him.
P2: Ah. Bye.

Tee Shirt I Saw Recently That Made Me Chuckle:

Picture of a wookie wearing a yarmulke: Jewbacca

Text From a Set of Gratuitous Transfer Class Notes Someone Gave Me Recently That Made Me Laugh, Out Loud, In Class:

-(b)(1)(E) – property held as joint tenants or tenancy by the entirety.
-When you look to (b)(2), should be half. TBE always has to have spouse, can’t be decedent’s daughter.
-I am so fucked.
-I love lamp.
-(E)(2) – payable on death accounts.
-Does (b)(1)(F)(ii) cover life insurance?

Dialogue I Overheard In a Mens Room Recently That Made Me Roll My Eyes:

P1: Jeez... it smells like someone took a crap in here.
P2: THAT’S what that smell is! Thank you! Man, that would have driven me crazy all damn day if you hadn’t figured it out.

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