Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Except instead of saying "hi" and running off, I'd demand grits.

Thanks to mom who put up with us for the last week. She was the very picture of patience, even though I'm sure I got to be like this near the end:

Last night, Lisa, Maeve and I went to my in-laws for dinner and hockey. (Maeve wore her new Sabres onesie. Yes, it sports the new logo. So long as the Sabres are winning games nine to one, Maeve is a fan of whatever they’re wearing.)

Anyway, on the way home, we stopped out to the apartment to pick up some supplies and discovered our power had been turned back on. Hopefully, this is a permanent step towards a return to relative normalcy. Since all our stuff was still out at my parents, and it was pretty late after the game, we decided one more night out in the country was the right call.

When I told my mom the power was back on, I think I may well have taken a sledge hammer to her heart. This consummate hostess was in her heyday over the last week, taking care of her kids and her kids’ kids. To see it come to an end wasn’t even bittersweet – you could hear it in her voice – it was just bitter.

Dad would be upset too, except that he’s off gallivanting in the third world countries, doing charity work, fixing teeth – you know... the things fathers usually do when they abandon their children. Seriously, though, he comes back on Monday and will undoubtedly be disappointed that his nest is emptier.

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart.

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mom b said...

To know you all were safe and sound was the greatest relief. So, our thanks to Grama Julia, too.