Sunday, October 22, 2006

Forced into being hip, just for the wireless access.

I’m not posting from dial up today, though we are still without internet and cable back at the pad. No, this afternoon I’m writing from Café Aroma, a fun little coffee shop around the corner that has decent coffee (even if it’s expensive) and a free wireless signal (even if it’s weak). Lisa and Maeve are out doing their own thing today, leaving me to finish my reading for the week. I needed a change of scenery, so here I am.

I feel the need to get a couple of points down on e-paper. Let’s start with the car.

Lisa and I had been thinking about getting a baby-mobile for a while now. When I found out the gas tank on my lumina was leaking, and therefore officially putting my poor car into the More-Problems-Than-It’s-Worth column, we decided to get the ball rolling this past Thursday on the car buying process. Of course intelligent buyers would check out at least a half dozen dealerships, test drive all the cars on their short list (and then some), weigh their options, do the research, go through the motions, etcetera, and then after months of deliberation, put their X on only the perfect lease. We, however, went with the first car we drove at the first place we visited. Done and done.

Then again, we’re happy with the deal, so bangarang. We wanted at least 10 thousand miles a year, and got 12. We wanted a monthly payment lower than $300 and beat that by sixty clams. Sis talked about casinos and psychological design yesterday. Same thing here – if you want a lesson in how the human mind can be manipulated, go buy a car. It’s incredible. I have no doubt we were masterfully “handled” every step of the way, and yet we left that place as happy as could be. We even got free floormats. FREE.

Oh, by the way, it’s a Chevy Equinox. “Granite gray.” Lisa’ll post a picture one of these days, now that she’s blogging again.

That’s the big news. I should also say
that Hoffman officially left for his year in the navy today, so say a prayer he’ll come back and that the worst action he’ll see is in that freaky German porn,
that I had a dream last night that Aly is pregnant, speaking of porn,
that my good drinking buddy, Bryan, leaves for Boston this week,
that you need to sign up for and listen to, which has introduced me to bands like The Fire Theft and Viva Voca (they even play The Mountain Goats), and
that school is going well (even if it’s time-consuming).


aly said...

uh, wha? do you know something i dont?

rock on with the car, my friend. enjoy the new car smell-- at least before you drive steve anywhere. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new car! I like how you said you were "handled" --that's right on the money!