Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forced Perspective

Reasons for a bad mood:
My coffee. It tastes like dirt. Yes, it must have just been ground. Wakka wakka.
My poor lumina. She’s on her way out, folks. Give her a round of applause.
My never-ending education. This is both a general observation, from one who wishes to be in a more productive position in society (i.e. a paying job), and a specific gripe, from one who wishes to be home with his daughter, wife, and Nintendo DS.
My ipaq. Still missing, and expected to be lost for-EV-er.
My life after the snowstorm. Just in general. I miss my apartment, and mourn the budget that lived only long enough to be obliterated by surprise insurance deductibles, lost groceries, fewer work hours, countless repairs, etc.

Reasons for a good mood:
My fruit snacks. A $.50 donation to the vending machine is all it takes to make me forget about my dirt coffee for a few minutes.
My Sabres. The cup is OURS.
My new car. Okay, this one is a few weeks off, but the dying lumina means Lisa and I are going to have to get a new daddy-mobile. Anyone have any experience with the Equinox, the Torrent, the SV6, the Vue, or the Vibe? Or an Aston Martin? That’s on our short list too.
My long holiday. Okay, this all sucked, but it did mean I got to hang out with my family for a long weekend. And, much to super steve’s jealousy, I ate damn well.

UPDATE: everything else except this paragraph was written about an hour ago, but I have to include this because it’s both related to an above point and certainly reason for a good mood. LISA FOUND MY IPAQ! It was tucked away in a random pocket of a bag I occasionally use when my backpack gets too full. Understand, please, why this is good-mood-inducing. I was this close to accepting my fate as a directionless indigent, roaming without a schedule from meeting-place to meeting-place, feebly asking receptionists “am I supposed to be here right now?” or “is today your birthday?” or even “can I please, in the name of all that is holy, play Sudoku on your computer? I seem to have lost mine. I’m an idiot.”

My daughter. She’s good for any foul mood. Here are a few bright spots in my day:








Cecilia said...

Mikey, look...my car is a P.O.S, but, compared to yours...PLEASE stop driving my niece around in that. let's trade, OK? (plus, then, I get the new car sooner, when the lumina dies and the saturn is still going... :P)

aly said...

and now i have a reason for my good mood-- keep the pictures comin'! :)

R said...

From a parent/student on a budget, to a parent/student on a budget: Looking for a car? I know a guy....

KT said...

Mikey....i'm a little partial to the equinox...Quita has served me well over the past2 years. No problems. I will give a big fata poop on the vibe...it's not all you think it might be. i tried it...it's a glorified matchbox car. Thats all i got for you. :)