Sunday, October 15, 2006

High and Low! Wherever we go! Let it blow! To and fro! HI-DE-HO! Snow! Snow! Snow!

Well, I suppose I should check in to let you know I’m alive, and more importantly, connected to the internet. Sweet, sweet internet connection! How I missed you...

In case you didn’t see us on the news, last week smacked Buffalo, NY upsidethehead with a record breaking snowstorm. The autumn trees were taken by surprise and their leaf-laden branches couldn’t handle the weight of wet snow. Then the displacement began. Branches were displaced from tree to earth. Trees were displaced from curb to street. Electricity was displaced from my apartment to... well... wherever the electricity goes when the power goes out.

And, subsequently, Lisa, Maeve and I were displaced from our apartment to refuge in the country with my mom and dad. I didn’t get any good pictures of my street, but Esther took this of hers and pretty much all of North Buffalo looked as bad. I’m told Buffalo lost nearly half of her trees.

Thursday was the worst. The decision to head for warmer climes came early for us, since power/heat/internet at our house was first to go on our street. (We’re always the trend-setters.) It was a toughie, though. Should we risk the trip along the 90? What if they lose power too? Will my poor lumina make it? What if our power comes back on as soon as we leave?

Well, mom and dad have a wood stove, and a sure source of heat verses a slim chance of heat won out. We bundled up the babe and headed south.

The trip was as bad as I’ve ever seen it. White out conditions, moron drivers, Buffalo radio. It was the perfect storm. And as soon as we got to mom and dad’s house, mom and dad’s house lost their electricity too. Woo-hoo!

That’s about it for now. The rest of the weekend has been absolutely terrible, roughing it out here in the country, like when we had wagyu steak and potatoes sautéed in duck fat and white truffle oil. Or when we cracked open one of the bottles of super tuscan that Lisa and I brought back from Italy for dad. Or when I spanked Louis and John’s asses at NHL 2007, and then at trivial pursuit. Disaster!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are okay up there...even though you are "roughing" it. Stay Strong!

Anonymous said...

I love and loathe the fact that your families disaster prep kit includes Super Tuscans. Presumably you enjoyed Moet Rose as well you wonderful bastard.

aly said...

and steve's man crush of all things garvey has now reached epic proportions. thanks. really.