Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm in atlanta, getting ready to leave for the first prelim round. Turns out the defense gets to try their case first so I have to be a witness tonight. I get my turn tomorrow at 9am, and I'm going against texas tech, supposedly one of the better teams.

On the flight down, I sat next to a flight-phobic stoner with a chiwawa (sp?). Seriously. She hadn't flown since 1992 and was joking she was happy she didn't bring any of her pot with her. or her BOMBS. I turned up my ipod and pretended to be able to sleep despite her whimpering pup.

Keep those fingers crossed.


mary said...

chihuahua. one thing that stuck with me from 7th grade spelling tests. gotta love mr. tate.

good luck tomorrow! we missed you at the sabres game!

R said...

Good luck! Ah Mr. Tate. We used to skip his class every other day. Miss Saunders would always catch us!!!

mom b said...

are chihuahua'a really dogs? was he in her purse. kinda weird. anyway..... your daughter was a true fan last night. we all missed you. keeping those good thoughts for success in atlanta. love..