Monday, January 29, 2007

No, I'm not bitter. Just frickin' cold.

My parents, Esther, John and Julia left for ten days in Hawaii yesterday. Punks.

Anyway, they haven't been there for more than 24 hours and I've already gotten THREE taunting pics from somebody's cell phone. Where's my hammer?

This first one came with a caption "Julia trying to steal the umbrella from John's drink." But I think a more appropriate tag would have been "John has a drink with an umbrella in it?!?" Or perhaps "Why is my phone on? I'm on a damn plane."

Number two was a pic from my mom's hotel window. If you squint, you can see Jack Shephard behind one of the trees.

Last, but not least, is young Julia wearing a lei. Insert your own joke here, you seventh grader.

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