Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Power of a learnee

I just got an email from the powers that be here at the law skool saying that online registration for spring classes will no longer be available as of this coming Friday.


"Not only are we offering shitty classes at shitty times and certainly none of those classes that will be of any use to you in the future, much less in trying to fulfill the requirements for a concentration, or even less ON THE BAR, but now we're making it so that if you want to drop or add a class or even to see if said shitty class is still closed out, you need to come to Records and Registration where three overworked and underpaid state employees will make you STOOP down so you can see through a window into their little kingdom and even then they aren't going to help you unless you have the witch’s broom, a shrubbery, and a cover sheet for your TPS report. And that's only after you wait in line. Thank you for your time and tuition."

Feel the love?

For some reason, the adminisphere has decided second year law students (2Ls) are second class citizens. The pariahs. The bitches. We aren't allowed to take any of the important basic classes that are set aside for the 1Ls, and since all the 3Ls get to register first, they've taken up all the spots needed by the 2Ls. (See, 3Ls would have taken these last year, except that the then 3rd years were taking those classes since they couldn’t when THEY were 2Ls… it’s a cycle of screwing over the next generation that isn’t going to end any time soon). So now, all that's left are classes that require pre-reqs no one has taken (because they're meant for those same 3Ls who are instead taking MY classes), or shitty, thankless seminar classes offered on Sunday mornings from 2am-7am. I'm seriously torn between signing up for "Legal Issues of People Named Morty" or "How to Litigate a Case When Opposing Council is a Lamprey".

Oh, and it doesn't help that 3Ls are allowed to register for twice as many classes as they need, and of course they don't drop them until the last possible second. So those students camped out in front of Records & Registration aren't waiting for concert tickets, but rather hoping to catch the scraps some 3L decided was "second best".

I know, I know. I need perspective. It could be a lot worse. I could still be fat and single in Chicago. I could have gotten a job in a cube farm right after business school. I could be in Albany. I could (perish the thought) still be acting. But that doesn't change the fact that UB law has its head entirely up its ass. Someday I'll be a lawyer, despite all this nonsense. And then? Watch out, lampreys.


Alyson said...

god, i loved law school. i pink puffy hearted records and registration even more. get me drunk and i'll tell you about the time they were too AWFUL AND LAZY to look for my test i needed to take. as if i would just walk away b/c she didnt want to stand up from her rollie chair and look around. "oh! ok! your eating a ham sandwich is so much more important than my FAILING A CLASS! you're right! i love you, miss record and registration she-devil!"

look at that! bonus for you-- you didnt even have to get me drunk! everything is coming up garvey!

wes said...

I had a similar dilema in 2nd yr PMBA. I had no interest in the 2 or 3 crappy electives that were left after the 3rd years' scheduled. So I decided to "think outside the box", you'll remember that as one of those all-important catch phrases the Buisiness School faculty liked to use in EVERY class, and I found a great elective in another department that appeared to be a perfect match. The other department and the Unversity at large had no issues, the Buisiness School had no issues, but the person (princess)who had the final sign-off decided that the class "sounded dumb" and refused. So needless to say I thouroughly enjoyed "Buisiness Strategy for Hot Dog Vendors" and "Computer Modeling Using DOS" that semester. Stupid school!

Garvey said...

Yeah, the business school wasn't much better, administratively.

And you have to take out a mortgage on your house if you want to buy a cup of coffee in the alfiero center.