Monday, January 15, 2007

Toyboxcellence Week 1

Toyboxcellence had a better response than I expected. So far, I’m up to one million contestants. Okay, actually only about a dozen people have told me they’re interested, but that’s still eleven more than I anticipated. But, hey, the more people wishing they could sneak off for a chicken finger sub, the merrier.

A few years ago, for those of you who don’t know, I survived bachelorhood on a steady diet of hot dogs, kit-kats, pork fried rice, and a chilly coke to wash it all down. At least once a week (seriously) I would order a deep dish pizza with pepperoni, sausage, olives, and caramelized onions and (again, seriously) POUR BLUE CHEESE DRESSING ON IT. I was in Heaven.

Then one night I was at a wedding and split my pants while dancing. I’d love to say it was my phat moves that my pants couldn’t contain, but I think we all know it was actually my fat ass. I adopted “Commitment to Excellence” as my ridiculous battle cry, but it worked. Over the course of a year or so, I ate better, I joined Weight Watchers, I made more of an effort to exercise and lost almost 40 pounds.

But now I’m back up a bit (Mighty Taco and Jim Steak Out have replaced Al’s Hot Dogs and Giordano’s Deep Dish) so I’m hoping to get back on track with commitment toyboxcellence.

Of course, what that entails, I have no clue. I know there’ll be more water, naturally, and less crap between meals, but that’s all your normal garden variety diet nonsense. Any thoughts?

And keep me updated on your own progress. I’ll post it here with your nom de plump. As of this afternoon, I’m still exactly at 235, so 23.5 lbs to go.

By the way, I locked my keys in my car twice in as many days last week. I’m so smrt.


Esther said...

hee, nom de plump.

My tip: don't get pregnant. That will really set you back.

Alex said...

Mmm... Giordano's...

Alyson said...

damn it. now i want pizza.

Leah said...

You can have my $10, but I'm not giving up my weight!